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New CDBG-DR Policy Bulletins and FAQs Posted

December 12, 2022 Print ShareThis

HUD has released several new Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) policy bulletins and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

These CDBG-DR policy bulletins and FAQs are developed to support grantees with the implementation of their CDBG-DR programs and projects. The bulletins are aimed at addressing more complex concepts that grantees have identified through coordination with HUD and should be used as a resource for building comprehension and identifying next steps. The FAQs interpret policy and project implementation criteria in a more streamlined manner than a full bulletin.

Please note that policy bulletins and FAQs do not establish new requirements.

Summaries of the three new resources are as follows:

  1. CDBG-DR Policy Bulletin 2022-01: Economic Revitalization and Investing in Disaster-Impacted Communities
    1. This policy bulletin summarizes how CDBG-DR funds can be used for economic revitalization by funding tourism-related activities. The bulletin addresses how these activities can be funded through existing CDBG-eligible activities and through waivers and alternative requirements.
  2. CDBG-DR Policy Bulletin 2022-02: Guidance on the 2019 Duplication of Benefits Notice (DOB)
    1. This policy bulletin provides guidance on how best to consolidate various requirements in the 2019 DOB Notice (84 FR 28836) and DOB Implementation Notice (84 FR 28848), as amended by the OMNI Notice (85 FR 60821). The Policy Unit is preparing a recording that highlights key sections of the document to help staff and grantees navigate the information in this policy bulletin. The recording will be available on
  3. CDBG-DR FAQs 2022-01: FAQs on Using CDBG-DR Funds for Subsequent Disasters
    1. These FAQs provide clarity for any current CDBG-DR grantees who have requested guidance on using their CDBG-DR funds for subsequent disasters. They apply only when a grantee does not have a CDBG-DR grant for the subsequent disaster.

Stay Up to on CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT

CDBG-DR resources, tools, and training will continue to be posted on the HUD Exchange as they become available.