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Announcement of New Technical Assistance Support Partners

December 20, 2012 Print ShareThis

Memorandum for: HOPWA Competitive and Formula Grantees

From: David Vos, Director, Office of HIV/AIDS Housing

SUBJECT: Announcement of New Technical Assistance Support Partners 

As part of new technical assistance for HOPWA grantees, beginning on January 1, 2013 Summit Consulting, LLC (Summit) and The Cloudburst Group (Cloudburst) will provide data verification services to HOPWA grantees completing the Annual Progress Reports (APRs) and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports (CAPERs). Staff at Cloudburst will serve as your primary contacts for HOPWA data verification services. These efforts will be coupled with related performance reporting technical assistance (TA) services provided from Collaborative Solutions Inc. (CSI), specifically related to the use of IDIS. The Data Verification TA will include services and products to enhance grantee performance reporting capacity. All three firms will be working together and with grantees to ensure the data reported on the annual performance reports passes all data checks and reflects the continued outstanding work of HOPWA grantees.

The direct contact information for staff at each firm is as follows; however, to ensure HUD has copies of all performance reports, please submit all report submissions directly to

Summit Consulting and The Cloudburst Group

Collaborative Solutions Inc.

Performance Reporting Data Verification (APR/CAPER)

Performance Reporting Technical Assistance (IDIS)

Alicia Gill, Senior Analyst
Cloudburst Group
(240) 582-3613 (office)
(301) 918-4900 (fax)

Jonathan Sherwood, Manager
Cloudburst Group
(978) 792-5650 (office)
(301) 918-4900 (fax)

Amy Richter Griffin, Manager
Collaborative Solutions, Inc.
(202) 402-3563 (office)
(703) 859-6578 (cell)

Becky Blalock, Project Specialist
Collaborative Solutions, Inc.
(757) 634-9913 (office)

Katie Pittenger, Program Specialist
Collaborative Solutions, Inc.
(205) 939.0411 x210 (office)

The Data Verification process for grantees will remain largely consistent with procedures from previous years, though it will be managed by the Cloudburst Group:

  1. Continue report notices: Grantees will receive notifications from Cloudburst 90 and 30 days prior to their performance reporting deadline and information about how to request technical assistance in completing the forms, if necessary.
  2. Email: HOPWA Formula and Competitive Grantees will submit annual performance reports to and to the CPD Representative at the local field office.
  3. Point of Contact: Alicia Gill of Cloudburst will work with individual grantees directly to support accurate performance reporting through the Data Verification Review process. If grantees require more in-depth assistance on reporting and data collection this special help should be identified and a request will go to CSI staff to provide direct and individualized TA.
  4. Data Verification: At the completion of the Data Verification Review process, reports that pass all data checks with no calculation errors, missing items, or inconsistencies will be considered Tier 1. 

Links to additional HOPWA resources:

HUD recognizes that this is a change in the support team involved in business processes from prior years; however, please be assured that both firms will work collectively to provide high-quality services to the grantee community. Thank you for your continued work on behalf of persons living with HIV/AIDS in your community.