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Announcement of Changes to the AFFH Data and Mapping Tool (AFFH-T) and the AFFH User Interface (AFFH-UI)

July 20, 2017 Print ShareThis

HUD is pleased to announce updates to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Data and Mapping Tool (AFFH-T) and forthcoming updates to the AFFH User Interface (AFFH-UI).

On July 19, 2017, HUD updated data for the maps and tables in the AFFH-T. This latest data version is labeled ‘AFFHT0003.’ Users will be able to use this version of updated maps and tables, and will also continue to have access to existing maps and tables that are currently available in AFFH-T (data versions AFFHT0001 and AFFHT0002). HUD has updated its AFFH-T resources on the HUD Exchange, including the AFFH-T Data Documentation, AFFH-T User Guide, and AFFH-T Raw Data files to reflect this new data version.

Please note, HUD is aware of errors in its HUD-provided data version AFFHT0002 that may impact the accurate display of R/ECAP boundaries. Program participants using AFFHT0002 should refer to the AFFH-T Known Issues and AFFH-T Data Documentation resources on HUD Exchange for more information on these errors. When program participants select the version of HUD-provided data with which to conduct their AFH, they are encouraged to consider the impact that these errors in data may have on their analysis. For questions regarding this issue, please submit your question through the Ask A Question (AAQ) feature on the HUD Exchange.

In the coming weeks, HUD will also provide a new release of the AFFH-UI to reflect the updated maps and tables included in AFFHT0003. Information regarding this upcoming AFFH-UI release will be provided on HUD Exchange as it becomes available. In the interim, note that the data version that program participants may be presented in the AFFH-UI and the data version that they are using in the AFFH-T may not be the same. To ensure that you’re using the same data version, please contact your field or regional office.

More information on system updates will be posted on HUD Exchange. HUD continues to encourage you to subscribe to the HUD Exchange Mailing List to receive the most up-to-date information on AFFH Rule implementation.

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