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HUD Releases DRGR User Manual for Grantee Users 2.0

August 30, 2017

HUD has published the DRGR User Manual 2.0. 


HUD Publishes Revised NSP Program Income Transfer Templates and FAQs for States

August 17, 2017

HUD has published three new and two revised NSP program income forms to accommodate transfers of funds to open CDBG programs. 


Materials Posted: 2017 DRGR Release 7.13 Webinar

June 26, 2017

This webinar is for HUD and Grantee staff to provide an overview of the major new features in Release 7.13 scheduled for deployment the evening of May 19th.


CPD Income Calculator Updated with FY 2017 Income Limits

June 02, 2017

HUD has updated the Income Eligibility Calculator to incorporate FY 2017 Income Limits.

BEDI CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG State Program CDBG-DR ESG HOPWA NSP Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program SHOP

HUD Historic Preservation Award - Call for Nominations

February 13, 2017

HUD is partnering with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) to offer the HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG State Program CDBG-DR EDI Environmental Review HOME HOPWA HTF Multifamily Housing Preservation Programs NSP Public Housing and Voucher Programs RHED SHOP VHPD

Monitoring for CPD Programs Page Now Available

October 26, 2016

HUD announces the launch of the CPD Monitoring page on the HUD Exchange, which provides information and resources to CPD grantees and CPD Field Office staff to assist in preparing for a HUD monitoring review, conducting a self-review, or monitoring subrecipients and other partners.

CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG State Program CDBG-DR CoC Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (Labor Standards) Environmental Review ESG Fair Housing and Section 504 HOME HOPWA Lead-Based Paint Monitoring for CPD Programs NSP Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation (URA and Other Requirements)

HUD Publishes NSP Grant Closeout Overview

September 30, 2016

HUD has published an overview of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) grant closeout process for use by grantees and field offices.


Upcoming: NSP Webinar on Program Income Transfer Updates and Q&A - August 16, 2016

August 11, 2016

HUD will host a webinar for Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) 1, 2, and 3 grantees to provide updates on the Program Income Transfer Procedures and to give grantees an opportunity to ask NSP-related questions.


HUD Publishes NSP Program Income Transfer Instructions

August 09, 2016

HUD is publishing instructions on transferring program income from NSP as authorized by the Notice of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program: Changes to Closeout Requirements related to Program Income (Program Income Notice) published June 14, 2016 (FR 5933-N-01).