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Guest Blog: Building Partnerships to End Homelessness

September 26, 2013

This SNAPS Weekly Focus Guest Blog highlights Funders Together to End Homelessness, and their strategy to end homelessness in our communities and in our country.


SNAPS Weekly Focus: What about Transitional Housing?

September 18, 2013

Over the last several years, better information has emerged about how different homeless service models really work, which has prompted a discussion about what we as a community might do to make sure that our housing and service programs reach as many people as possible with the best outcomes possible.


SNAPS Weekly Focus: Rapid Re-Housing

September 04, 2013

This week's SNAPS Weekly Focus discusses rapid re-housing, a model that has proven to be effective and follows a Housing First approach.


Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

August 30, 2013

New housing protections, under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, will have implications for HUD’s Homeless Assistance Program recipients. 


SNAPS Weekly Focus: Adopting a Housing First Approach

August 21, 2013

This week's SNAPS Weekly Focus discusses Housing First, an approach where homeless persons are provided immediate access to housing and then offered supportive services that may be needed to foster long-term stability and prevent a return to homelessness.


SNAPS Weekly Focus: Collaborating to Combat Homelessness among Veterans

August 12, 2013

Between 2010 and 2012, we saw an 18% decline in the number of homeless veterans, and we expect that we will see further decline in the 2013 PIT data.


Guest Blog: NN4Y Framework to End Youth Homelessness

August 07, 2013

In light of the federal frameworks and collaborative strategies that have been published this year by federal agencies and U.S. Congress, the National Network for Youth (NN4Y) created a Comprehensive Framework to End Youth Homelessness.


SNAPS Weekly Focus: Considering the Needs of Families and Youth

August 06, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the importance of prioritizing chronically homeless persons in your permanent supportive housing as a way to increase progress on meeting the first goal of Opening Doors. While ending chronic homelessness is a top priority for HUD, we have not forgotten about the Opening Doors goal of ending homelessness for families, children, and youth by 2020.


SNAPS Weekly Focus: Leveraging Mainstream Services Funding

July 29, 2013

This SNAPS Weekly Focus discusses the need for communities to leverage mainstream resources while implementing their homeless assistance programs and provides examples of mainstream resources available.


HUD Publishes 2013 HOME Final Rule

July 24, 2013

HUD published a Final Rule in the Federal Register (Changes Only) on July 24, 2013 to amend the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program regulations. These amendments to the HOME regulations represent the most significant changes to the HOME program in 17 years.