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New CoC Performance Profiles and Other Data Resources Available by HUD

February 14, 2020

CoC Performance Profile Reports provide a snapshot of a CoC’s performance in addressing homelessness using performance indicators such as the length of time persons have been homeless, returns to homelessness over time, and exits to permanent housing.


HUD-VASH Data from HOMES to be Provided to CoCs

December 20, 2019

HUD and VA have announced that VAMCs will provide HUD-VASH data from HOMES to CoCs for import into HMIS.  


$40 Million in HUD-VASH Available to Support Approximately 5,000 New Vouchers

July 15, 2019

Notice PIH 2019-15 (HA) announces the availability of $40 million in HUD-VASH that will support approximately 5,000 new vouchers.


HUD and VA Secretaries Announce Housing Initiatives to Support Homeless Veterans

October 03, 2018

HUD announced $35 million in grants to combat veteran homelessness. The funding will be provided through the HUD-VASH Program to 212 public housing agencies across the country to provide a permanent home for over 4,000 homeless veterans.


CoC Competition Focus: Ending Veteran Homelessness

September 08, 2016

This Competition Focus message provides information and resources to help CoCs and stakeholders understand the FY 2016 policy priority ending veteran homelessness.

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Obama Administration Announces Nearly 50 Percent Decline in Veteran Homelessness

August 01, 2016

Through HUD's annual PIT estimate of America's homeless population, HUD and the Federal Partners announce that the number of veterans experiencing homelessness in the United States has been cut nearly in half since 2010.

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HUD Awards $5 Million to Reward Local Housing Authorities Working to End Veteran Homelessness

July 01, 2016

HUD awards $5 million to 42 local public housing authorities across the country working to end veteran homelessness.

Homelessness Assistance Programs HUD-VASH Press Releases

Upcoming: 2016 National Zarrow Mental Health Symposium: Ready for Zero - Innovative and Sustainable Solutions for Housing and Recovery

May 09, 2016

HUD announces the 2016 National Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, focused on exploring housing, clinical, and recovery supports, along with innovative solutions to homelessness.

Homelessness Assistance Programs HUD-VASH

Information Sharing Between the VA and CoCs for Community Coordination and Master List Use

May 04, 2016

HUD announces new guidance from the VA on privacy guidelines and legality surrounding information sharing and By Name Lists.

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SNAPS In Focus: Ending Veteran Homelessness and What it Means for Zero: 2016 Communities

April 07, 2016

This SNAPS In Focus message congratulates the four communities participating in the Zero: 2016 initiative that have met the Federal criteria and benchmarks as well as the definition of “functional zero.”

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