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HUD Posts Sample Allocation Plan Form for HTF Grantees

May 18, 2016

HUD has developed a sample form that Housing Trust Fund (HTF) grantees (i.e., States) may use to submit their HTF allocation plans.


HUD Publishes Housing Trust Fund (HTF) FAQ Regarding How States Should Establish Maximum Per-Unit Development Subsidy Amounts for HTF Projects

May 13, 2016

HUD announces a new HTF FAQ regarding maximum per-unit development subsidy amounts.


HUD Publishes the FY 2016 Formula Allocation Amounts for Housing Trust Fund

May 06, 2016

HUD has published the FY 2016 formula allocation amounts for HTF grantees.


HUD Press Release: HUD Allocates $174 Million Through New Housing Trust Fund

May 04, 2016

This Press Release announces the 2016 formula allocation amount for each eligible HTF grantee.


HUD Releases Notice CPD-16-07: Guidance for HTF Grantees on FY 2016 HTF Allocation Plans

April 28, 2016

Notice CPD-16-07 provides guidance to States on the submission requirements for the HTF program.


HUD Releases Notice CPD-16-01: Guidance on Submitting Consolidated Plans and Annual Action Plans for FY 2016

February 04, 2016

Notice CPD-16-01 instructs all CDBG, HOME, HTF, ESG, and HOPWA formula grantees on the timing of submission of FY 2016 consolidated plans and action plans.

CDBG Entitlement CDBG HUD Administered CDBG Insular Areas CDBG State ESG HOME HOPWA HTF

HUD Publishes HOME and HTF Broadband Infrastructure FAQs

December 31, 2015

HUD has published HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding broadband infrastructure.


HUD Publishes New and Revised FAQs for the HOME Program and Housing Trust Fund Program

August 14, 2015

HUD publishes new HOME FAQs and a revised Housing Trust Fund Program FAQ. View the FAQs by visiting the HOME FAQs page and HTF FAQs page on the HUD Exchange.


HUD Publishes Housing Trust Fund FAQs, Summary of the Interim Rule, and Overview Video

June 22, 2015

HUD publishes Housing Trust Fund FAQs, Interim Summary, and an Overview of the Housing Trust Fund video.


HUD Publishes List of Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Grantees

April 13, 2015

Per 24 CFR 93.100, each State is required to notify (the Secretary of) HUD of its intent to become a grantee for HTF funding within 30 days after HUD publishes the formula allocation amounts (these amounts are expected to be published by April 2016).