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Important Information About Housing Counselor Certification for Housing Counseling System Users

July 17, 2018

Effective October 01, 2018, the HUD Office of Housing Counseling will only use email to provide information to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Connection users and application coordinators.

Housing Counseling Program

Guidance for all HUD Participating Housing Counseling Agencies Reporting HUD-9902 Data

July 16, 2018

Please be aware that the 2018 HUD-Client column will not be available for reporting as of FY18 Q3.

Housing Counseling Program

Read the New Edition of The Bridge Newsletter

July 10, 2018

The Bridge is HUD's Office of Housing Counseling Newsletter for Housing Counselors.

Housing Counseling Program

New FEMA Major Disaster Declarations

July 09, 2018

View the new FEMA major disaster declaration for Maryland and information on the Florida disaster recovery plan.

Housing Counseling Program

Reminder on Form HUD-9902 Reporting Schedule for Housing Counseling Agencies

July 02, 2018

HUD reminds HCAs of their responsibility to transmit accurate and timely Form HUD-9902 quarterly reports.

Housing Counseling Program

Preparing for Housing Counseling NOFA Applications through

June 26, 2018

View important information for preparing and submitting Housing Counseling grant applications for federal grants in FY 2018.

Housing Counseling Program

New Housing Counseling 9902 Online Toolkit

June 07, 2018

HUD's Office of Housing Counseling announces a new Housing Counseling 9902 Online Toolkit available to guide your agency through every step of the 9902.

Housing Counseling Program

The Office of Housing Counseling Celebrates National Homeownership Month

June 05, 2018

June marks National Homeownership Month 2018! This year’s theme is “Find Your Place.”

Housing Counseling Program

Register Today: Basics on CDBG-DR for Housing Counseling Agencies Webinar – May 21, 2018

May 17, 2018

CDBG-DR Program grantees are required to coordinate with HUD-approved housing counseling organizations to ensure that information and services are made available to both renters and homeowners throughout the disaster recovery process.

CDBG-DR Housing Counseling Program

Two New FHA Disaster Related Notices for Housing Counselors

May 17, 2018

The Office of Housing Counseling announces two new FHA disaster notices.

Housing Counseling Program