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Urgent Cut Off Date for FY 2010 CPD Drawdowns

August 10, 2017

Funding for most Fiscal Year 2010 grants will expire on September 30, 2017. 

CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG HUD Administered Non-Entitled Counties in Hawaii Program CDBG Insular Areas Program CDBG State Program CDBG-DR Emergency Shelter Grants Program HOME HOPWA

Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit: Recovery Guide for Local Jurisdictions Now Available

August 08, 2017

HUD recently released the third piece of the Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit: the Recovery Guide for Local Jurisdictions. The Recovery Guide focuses on improving outcomes for people experiencing homelessness as part of long-term disaster recovery.


HUD Publishes Allocations, Common Application, Waivers, and Alternative Requirements for CDBG-DR Grantees

August 08, 2017

This notice provides guidance on issues arising from CDBG-DR funds.


Register Today: 2017 CDBG-DR Problem Solving Clinics

July 27, 2017

HUD hosted two Problem Solving Clinics to educate CDBG-DR recipients on how to successfully and compliantly implement their disaster recovery programs.


New CDBG-DR Launch and Implementation Tools Now Available in the Redesigned Toolkit

July 17, 2017

This toolkit provides information and sample tools to set up and run an effective, compliant CDBG-DR Program.


Reminder: 2017 Basically CDBG for Entitlement Grantees

July 13, 2017

HUD is pleased to announce a new round of CDBG trainings for entitlement grantees in Seattle, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia.

CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG-DR

Materials Posted: 2017 DRGR Release 7.13 Webinar

June 26, 2017

This webinar is for HUD and Grantee staff to provide an overview of the major new features in Release 7.13 scheduled for deployment the evening of May 19th.


Training Reminder to Responsible Entities Conducting Environmental Reviews

June 16, 2017

The Office of Environment and Energy recommends that Responsible Entity staff involved in environmental reviews attend regular training on HUD environmental reviews. 

CDBG Entitlement Program CDBG State Program CDBG-DR Environmental Review HOME Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program SHOP

HUD Releases Notice CPD 17-06: Using CPD Funds for Disaster Response and Recovery

June 13, 2017

HUD is encouraging CPD formula grantees to undertake comprehensive pre-disaster planning and use their grant funds for both immediate disaster response and long term recovery. 


HUD Publishes Checklist for Subsequent Amendment for Rebuild by Design Projects

April 05, 2017

HUD Publishes Checklist for Subsequent Amendment for Rebuild by Design Projects.