HOPWA National Technical Assistance


The goal of HOPWA Technical Assistance (TA) is to strengthen the management, operation, and capacity of HOPWA grantees, project sponsors, and assist communities in identifying and addressing the supportive housing needs for low-income individuals and their families living with HIV/AIDS.

HOPWA grantees and sponsors interested in requesting TA should reach out to their local HUD Field Office.

HOPWA Ask A Question

HOPWA program and policy-related questions should be submitted to the Ask A Question (AAQ) portal. This tool enables HOPWA grantees, project sponsors, and stakeholders to ask program and policy questions via an online process and to receive timely responses to their questions by HOPWA Technical Assistance Providers. HOPWA TA Providers should no longer be emailed directly.

Performance Reporting Technical Assistance (IDIS)

HOPWA grantee questions regarding IDIS should be submitted to the AAQ portal.

Request Technical Assistance

Request Technical Assistance provides access to both on-call technical assistance and on-site technical assistance. On-call technical assistance provides access to up to 16 hours of remote technical assistance to address complex HOPWA program management issues. On-site technical assistance is provided if on-call technical assistance is not sufficient to address a complex HOPWA program management issue.

Grantees may submit a technical assistance request through the TA Portal. Interested project sponsors should connect with their HOPWA grantee to pursue this resource. Grantees should work in partnership with project sponsors to coordinate project sponsor technical assistance requests.

Note: You must have a HUD Exchange account in order to submit a TA request. To create an account click on “Create Account” on the HUD Exchange login page.

HOPWA APR/CAPER Data Verification

Summit Consulting, LLC (Summit) and The Cloudburst Group (Cloudburst) provide data verification services to HOPWA grantees completing the Annual Progress Reports (APRs) and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports (CAPERs).

The direct contact information for staff at each firm is as follows; however, to ensure HUD has copies of all performance reports, please submit all report submissions directly to HOPWA@hud.gov.

Performance Reporting Data Verification (APR/CAPER)

Heather Rhoda, Senior Analyst, Cloudburst Group
(240) 582-3635 (office)
(301) 918-4900 (fax)

Jonathan Sherwood, Manager, Cloudburst Group
(978) 792-5650 (office)
(301) 918-4900 (fax)

HOPWA Headquarters Desk Officers

View the HOPWA Headquarters Desk Officers and the field office areas to which they are assigned on HUD.gov.