Stella is a strategy and analysis tool to help CoCs understand how their system is performing and model an optimized system that fully addresses homelessness in their area.

Available to all CoCs through the HDX 2.0, Stella has two modules:

  • Stella Performance Module (Stella P): Available now, Stella P uses dynamic visuals of CoCs’ LSA data to illustrate how households move through the homeless system and highlight outcome disparities. Stella P does the analytical heavy lifting, so your CoC can focus on planning and improving your crisis response system.
  • Stella Modeling Module (Stella M): Stella M (in production) will assist CoCs to develop a vision of the system interventions and capacity needed to end homelessness. Using data on homelessness, combinations of project types, and performance goals, Stella M calculates the inventory needed for an ideal crisis system response that can guide resource investment decisions.

The Stella P Quick Start Guide has everything you need to know to get started with Stella Performance. Additional resources are listed below.

Note: Stella P is best viewed with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browsers.

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Stella P: Basic Resources

Topics Covered

New to Stella P or getting re-acquainted after some time apart? Start here to learn what Stella P is all about, how to access and prepare (Stellavise) your LSA data for Stella P, and which key performance measures are included.

Screenshot of sample Stella Performance Overivew: 4,641 households and 6,085 people. 85 days homeless; 26% exits; and 14% returns.

Stella Performance Glossary

Glossary of terms used in the Stella P module.

Date Published: March 2022

Stella P Quick Start Guide

Quick guide providing a brief overview of how to access, navigate, and understand the key concepts of the Stella P module.

Date Updated: February 2021

Stella Performance Overview Videos

A series of seven short training videos which discuss each section of Stella, demonstrating the charts, tables, filters, and other functions available in Stella P.

Date Published: August 2020

Video Message from SNAPS Director Norm Suchar Introducing Stella

Video message from SNAPS Director Norm Suchar introducing Stella to communities.

Date Published: June 2019

Preparing LSA Files for Stella P

Instructions on preparing Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) files for the Stella P module and accessing Stella P in the HDX 2.0.

Date Published: June 2019

Stella P: Advanced Resources

Topics Covered

Ready for a deeper dive? Explore the analysis potential of Stella P with these advanced resources on topics such as race and ethnicity analysis, data quality, performance insights, and the System Map.

Screenshot of sample Returns to the Homeless System Report: shows households that exited in the first 6 months of the current report period. For adult only: 281 households exited to permanent destinations and 47 returned. For adult & child: 48 households exited to permanent destinations and 2 returned. For child only: 68 households exited to permanent destinations and 8 returned.

NewStella P Race and Ethnicity Analysis Guide

A guide to the sections of Stella P that can be used as part of a race and ethnicity equity analysis of a homeless system.

Date Published: May 2022

Stella P Trends Data Guide and Video

A guide and overview video describing the performance trend data available in Stella Performance (Stella P). Stella P includes three-year trends for three key performance measures: Days Homeless, Exits, and Returns.

Date Published: November 2021

Stella P Resource Page: Data Universe

A video guide to understanding which households are included in each performance measure in Stella P as well as a PDF graphically displaying the six data universes used in Stella P.

Date Published: March 2021

Stella P Insights and Action Steps Guides

A set of guides describing the data quality and performance flags (“insights”) available in Stella P and how they can be used to develop Action Steps to improve system performance.

Date Published: June 2020

Understanding System Performance by Household Types Using Stella P

A presentation that demonstrates how to build a picture of system performance for the Adult & Child households using Stella P.

Date Published: December 2019

System Performance Map Guide and Instructional Video

Instructional guide and video to help CoCs understand how to use Stella P's System Performance Map tool to gain a greater understanding of a community's homeless system.

Date Published: July 2019