Stella Performance Overview Videos

These training videos walk through each section of Stella, demonstrating the charts, tables, filters, and other functions available in the Stella Performance Module (Stella P). The series is set up as seven modules intended to be viewed sequentially. The videos are about 10-20 minutes each for a total viewing time of just over two hours.

Module 1: Introduction

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This module provides an introduction to Stella P, as Abby Miller of the HUD SNAPS office highlights the importance of data-informed system performance improvement and reviews some Stella P basics.

Module 2: Dashboard

This module reviews the Stella P Dashboard section, including the overview, trends, and system map pages. This section introduces the three key performance measures, units of analysis, basic navigation and functions in Stella P.

For more information, view the Stella Performance System Map Guide and Instructional Video.

Module 3: Days Homeless

This module covers the Days Homeless pages in Stella P, including Days Homeless Overview, Days Homeless by Pathway, and Days Homeless by Population Group. Days Homeless is a key performance measure that helps communities understand how long households are spending on average in emergency shelter, safe haven, transitional housing, or days enrolled in rapid rehousing or permanent supportive housing projects prior to housing move-in.

Module 4: Exits

This module addresses the Exits pages in Stella P, including the Exits Overview, Exits by Pathway, and Exits by Population Group. Stella data shows exits from the homeless system, with the key measure being the percent of exits to permanent destination out of all system exits.

Module 5: Returns

This module walks viewers through the Returns pages in Stella P, including Returns Overview, Returns by Pathway, and Returns by Population Group. Returns are measured as percent of exited households that later re-enrolled in emergency shelter, transitional housing, rapid rehousing, or permanent housing.

Module 6: Demographics

This module shows how the Demographics Overview and Demographics Comparison pages can be used to help viewers understand who is served in their homeless system. The Overview page is filterable by project type and the Comparison page shows side-by-side demographics for shelter and transitional housing, rapid rehousing, and permanent supportive housing.

For more information, view the Stella P Race and Ethnicity Analysis Guide.

Module 7: Insight and Action Steps

This module takes viewers step by step through the process of documenting their observations as user-generated Insights and developing related Action Steps to explore data quality or performance issues. This video also reviews and defines each of the system-generated Insights available in Stella.

For more information, view the Stella P Insights and Action Steps Guides.

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