Veteran Homelessness

HUD is committed to increasing leadership, collaboration, and coordination among programs serving veterans experiencing homelessness, and promoting rapid access to permanent housing for all veterans. This page addresses the issue of veteran homelessness and provides important links for homeless veterans seeking help, links and resources from HUD's partners, and policy, strategies, and guidance. This page lists all HUD homeless programs and initiatives that can be used by veterans and veteran service providers to help prevent and end youth homelessness, as well as policy guidance, resources, publications, and relevant links to other agencies and organizations.


Initiatives and Programs for Homeless Veteran Service Providers

This page offers providers serving homeless veterans policy guidance and tools to assist in implementing programs to end veteran homelessness in their communities.

Guidance and Tools for Homeless Veteran Service Providers

This page offers information about initiatives to end veteran homelessness, as well as HUD and other federal programs and partners that offer resources for veterans experiencing homelessness and for the providers who serve them.