Preventing Homelessness Among People Leaving Prisons and Jails

To improve the reentry process for people leaving prisons and jails and prevent recidivism, it is important for housing and homeless service providers to create partnerships with justice system partners and increase access to affordable housing. Additional resources related to the justice system and homelessness are available on the Decriminalizing Homelessness page.

HUD Resources

Partner Resources

Action Points: Four Steps to Expand Access to Housing for People in the Justice System with Behavioral Health Needs

This Council of Stage Governments (CSG) brief presents four steps state leaders can take to increase housing opportunities and improve justice and health outcomes for people in the justice system with behavioral health needs.

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FAQs: Building Effective Partnerships with CoCs to Increase Housing Options for People Leaving Prisons and Jails

This Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) document reviews four frequently asked questions about building effective partnerships with CoCs to increase access to stable, affordable housing for people leaving prisons and jails.

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Assessing Housing Needs and Risks: A Screening Questionnaire

This questionnaire from the National Reentry Resource Center is intended to help reentry professionals better assess an individual’s unique housing needs and risk of homelessness upon returning to the community.

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Thinking Outside the Box Housing Webinar Series

This BJA and CSG Justice Center webinar series provides tools for meaningful collaboration with housing, behavioral health, and other key partners to fully leverage available funding to provide and develop housing for people leaving the justice system.

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Seeking Help

Help for People Experiencing Homelessness

Populations and Issues

For more resources regarding homelessness and special populations and issues, visit the Homelessness Assistance Programs page.