Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA)

A critical aspect of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, as amended, is a focus on viewing the local homeless response as a coordinated system of homeless assistance options as opposed to homeless assistance programs and funding sources that operate independently in a community.

The Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) report, produced from a CoC’s Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) and submitted annually to HUD via the HDX 2.0, provides HUD and Continuums of Care (CoCs) with critical information about how people experiencing homelessness use their system of care. This page provides guidance for CoCs about how to use and interpret their LSAs as well as for HMIS software providers about how to program the report.

Tools and Guidance

LSA Full Table Shells

A set of table shells to illustrate the full dataset that the LSA is capable of producing.

Date Published: August 2018

LSA Summary Display Table Shells

A set of table shells for the basic data displayed to HDX 2.0 users uploading their LSA reports.

Date Published: July 2018

LSA Data Submission Guidance

Guidance documents for submitting your LSA into the HDX 2.0 for local and official HUD use.

Date Published: June 2018

LSA Report Specifications and Tools

Tools, including written specifications and SQL code, to support HMIS software providers in programming the HMIS LSA report file.

Date Published: August 2018