Street Outreach

Street Outreach activities are designed to meet the immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness in unsheltered locations by connecting them with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services, and providing them with urgent, non-facility-based care. Component services generally consist of engagement, case management, emergency health and mental health services, and transportation.

Minimum Period of Use: Street Outreach services must be provided for at least the period of time for which ESG funds are committed for that purpose.

  • Example: If the recipient commits to providing street outreach for an entire year, or if the recipient contracts with a subrecipient to provide street outreach services for an entire year, then the specified street outreach services must be provided for the entire one-year period.

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For the specific requirements and eligible costs of the Street Outreach component, see § 576.101 of the ESG Program Interim Rule. Please also refer to the ESG Eligible Activities Virtual Binder. The ESG Grants Administration Virtual Binder is coming soon.