Homeless Management Information System

What activities are eligible under the HMIS component? (§ 576.107)

Eligible activities under the HMIS component vary depending on the recipient or subrecipient type, and include:

  1. Recipients and subrecipients: All recipients and subrecipients may pay the costs of contributing data to the CoC’s HMIS. See § 576.107(a)(1) for more details.
    • Important: For recipients and subrecipients that use comparable databases, victim services providers and legal services providers may use ESG funds to pay the costs of establishing and operating a comparable database. See § 576.107(a)(3).
  2. Recipients that are HMIS Lead Agencies: Recipients that have been designated the HMIS Lead Agency by the CoC may also pay the costs of establishing, hosting, customizing, and upgrading the HMIS. See § 576.107(a)(2) for more detail.
    • Important: If the recipient is a State, and has been designated as the HMIS Lead Agency, the recipient may only use funds to carry out HMIS activities listed in § 576.107(a)(2). The State must subgrant any other HMIS funds.

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All HMIS activities must comply with applicable HUD standards on participation, data collection and reporting under a local HMIS.

Did you know?

Information entered into a comparable database must not be entered directly into or provided to an HMIS.

For the specific requirements and eligible costs of the HMIS component, review § 576.107 of the ESG Program Interim Rule and the ESG Program Components Virtual Binder. Please also refer to the following resources: