Shelter Operations

What do I need to know about shelter operations costs under the Emergency Shelter component?

Under the Emergency Shelter program component, recipients or subrecipients may use funds to operate and maintain emergency shelters and provide hotel or motel vouchers when no appropriate emergency shelter is available.

Did you know?

ESG funds may be used for day shelter if it:

  1. Meets the definition of a shelter as detailed in 24 CFR 576.2
  2. Is evident that its primary purpose is as shelter
  3. Complies with ESG requirements

See HUD Exchange FAQ ID 983 for more information.

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Virtual Binders Glossary

For more information on renovation, rehabilitation, and conversion activities under the Emergency Shelter component, please refer to § 576.102(a)(3) in the ESG Interim Rule, the ESG Program Components Virtual Binder, and the following resources: