Cash Match

What is cash match?

With cash match, the recipient or subrecipient spends actual funds on eligible CoC Program costs. Cash counts as match only if the recipient or subrecipient can demonstrate that a payment of funds was made to cover the cost of CoC Program eligible activities expended during the grant term. For more information, view the FAQ What is cash match?

Recipient or subrecipient cash may come in a variety of forms (§578.73(b)), as outlined in the following FAQ.

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FAQ: What are allowable sources of cash match in the CoC Program? (§ 578.73(b))

To summarize, sources of cash that may be used as match include:

  • Grants from private, local, state, and federal resources (if not statutorily prohibited by source)
  • Cash resources
  • Revenues from fundraising efforts organized by the recipient or subrecipient
  • Recipient or subrecipient staff working on grant eligible activities who aren't paid from the CoC Program grant but are paid from other agency resources