Codes and Standards

What are Housing Quality Standards (HQS)? (§ 578.75(b))

All units paid for with CoC leasing or rental assistance funds must meet certain basic Housing Quality Standards (HQS) prior to expending CoC funds on that unit. All units must additionally meet state and local codes.

  • The recipient or subrecipient must physically inspect all units prior to expending CoC funds and must continue to do so annually throughout the grant period (see HUD Inspection Checklist). The annual review can take place during lease renewal.
  • Inspectors do not need to be certified.
  • The owner of the unit has 30 days to address and correct any deficiencies in the unit.
  • The recipient or subrecipient must maintain documentation of compliance with HQS, including inspection reports.

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Are there requirements around Lead-Based Paint? (24 CFR Part 35)

CoC recipients and subrecipients are expected to screen for, disclose the existence of and take reasonable precautions regarding the presence of lead-based paint in leased or assisted units constructed prior to 1978. To learn how to identify lead-based paint, the types of deterioration and how to repair the problem, please complete HUD’s Lead Based Paint Visual Assessment Training Course.

What is Environmental Review? (§ 578.31)

An environmental review is the process of reviewing a project and its potential environmental impacts to determine whether it meets federal, state, and local environmental standards. Certain grant types are required to perform an environmental review to ensure that the project site is free from any hazardous materials that could adversely affect the health and safety of the occupants. See the CoC and ESG Environmental Review Virtual Binder for more information.