What are monitoring requirements?

Monitoring is intended to review performance and ensure compliance with the CoC Program and related federal requirements. Monitoring occurs at multiple levels:

  • Recipients and subrecipients self-monitor their projects
  • Recipients monitor subrecipients
  • The CoC monitors recipients and subrecipients
  • HUD monitors recipients

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Virtual Binders Glossary

Recipient monitoring of subrecipients may occur at several levels:

  • Financial: project financial records to ensure compliance with the grant agreement, match requirements, and other contractual obligations
  • Housing: housing unit inspections, leases, and other records
  • Participant: records to ensure participant eligibility and services
  • Project performance: performance of a project to measure progress toward project and CoC Program goals

The CoC Program Interim Rule specifies monitoring requirements and types of sanctions (§ 578.107). For common monitoring issues, watch this short video.

Recipients may use or adapt HUD’s monitoring tools. Chapter 29 is CoC Program; Exhibit 29-1 is Recordkeeping Requirements; Exhibit 29-3 is Recipient Grant Management; Exhibit 29-4 is Subrecipient Grant Management. An internal wellness checklist has been developed to assist grant recipients with self-monitoring.