Project Components

Can a recipient change a project's program component through a grant agreement amendment?

No. Section 578.105(b) of the CoC Program Interim Rule sets forth the parameters for grant and project changes. Significant changes are defined as:

  • A change of recipient
  • A change of project site
  • Additions or deletions in the types of eligible activities approved for a project
  • A shift of more than 10 percent from one approved eligible activity to another eligible activity
  • A reduction in the number of units
  • A change in the subpopulation served

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Because a change in program component is not listed as a significant change, it is not something that may be changed through a grant agreement amendment. This is because a project that is changing its program component is actually changing the entire structure and design of its project; thus, creating a new project. Generally, new projects may only be created through a CoC Program competition either through:

  1. A CoC’s available Final Pro Rata Need Amount
  2. A new project created through reallocation
  3. Bonus Funding

Note that the prohibition of a program component change through a grant agreement amendment also includes a subcomponent change. Therefore, a project cannot change from PH:PSH to PH:RRH or TH to PH:RRH through a grant agreement amendment.