Grant Amendments and Extensions

What is the process to request grant amendments, including extensions? (§ 578.105)

Recipients may make changes to a project grant, for example, to improve performance or address an emerging need of program participants or potential program participants. However, HUD distinguishes between minor and significant project changes and the necessary steps to take to complete each. HUD also distinguishes between grant changes by Unified Funding Agencies (§ 578.105(a)) and CoCs having multiple grant recipients (§ 578.105(b)). See the CoC UFA Binder for more information.

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When a grant agreement amendments is required, a written request for a grant amendment should be sent to the local HUD CPD Field Office and include:

  • Request on recipient’s letterhead, signed by an authorized representative
  • Explanation of the reason for the change
  • Justification that the same or better level of service will be provided
  • Attachments of all relevant revised application and issue and conditions exhibits reflecting the proposed change(s)
  • Contact information for staff who can provide more information if needed