Operating Year

What is the current grant operating year?

The operating start date indicates when the grant term begins and sets the beginning of the program year for spending and reporting. Recipients and CoCs should keep track of operating start date(s) and operating year(s) for all CoC projects in order to monitor compliance (e.g., HUD due dates, eligibility for project renewal, Annual Performance Report (APR) due dates, etc.).

The operating year is set on a project-by-project basis. The operating start date is the first day of the month in which the recipient or subrecipient begins incurring eligible costs. Projects within the CoC may all have different operating years. The recipient must enter the project’s operating start date in the Line of Credit Control System (eLOCCS) when it begins to draw project funds.

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Review the annual CoC Program Competition NOFA for relevant project grant terms and operating years.