CoC Grant Life Cycle

What is the CoC grant cycle?

A project funded by HUD CoC Program funds goes through multiple stages during its grant cycle. Each step in the process has different requirements. The steps are:

  1. Application (§ 578.19(a))
    The application is submitted by the CoC during the annual Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process. If the application is successful, HUD makes a conditional grant award.
  2. Conditional Grant Award (§ 578.21(b))
    A recipient of a conditionally awarded grant must satisfy all requirements within 12 months of the announcement of the CoC Program grant award.* (§ 578.21(c)) Once all conditions are satisfied, the recipient can enter into a grant agreement with HUD.
  3. Grant Agreement (24 CFR § 578.23)
    The grant agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities for both the recipient and subrecipients. The grant agreement must be executed no later than 45 days from the date when all conditions are satisfied. The recipient, not the subrecipient, signs the grant agreement with HUD.
  4. Project Operation
    Once the grant agreement is signed, the project can begin. Recipients must initiate approved activities according to HUD’s timeliness standards. (§ 578.85)
  5. Grant Renewal (§ 578.33)
    If prioritized locally, CoC Program funding may be renewed to continue ongoing project activities beyond the initial funding period. Renewal funding is awarded in one-year increments and recipients must submit applications to seek renewal funding through the annual NOFA competition.

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*Unless the recipients receive funds for acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction.