Applying for CoC Program Funds

Who can apply for CoC program funds? (§ 578.15)

To apply for CoC Program funding, you must be an eligible applicant as outlined in the CoC Program Interim Rule (§ 578.15(a)) and CoC NOFA and must have been designated by the CoC to submit an application for grant funds (§ 578.15(b)). Each local CoC establishes its own process for applying for CoC funding. To find names and phone numbers for a CoC Collaborative Applicant agency, refer to the Grantee Contact Information page.

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Certain application details are included in the grant agreement. It includes the name of the recipient, the program component, the numbers/populations to be served, number and size of units budgeted, the budget line items and amounts, and match. Substantially changing these during the grant operating year will require a grant amendment.