Cost Limits and Sharing Requirements

Are there limits to how much can be approved for CoC project administrative costs?

Up to 10 percent of any CoC project grant may be used for project administration, excluding planning grants or Unified Funding Agency (UFA) costs. Please note: NOFA requirements may further limit the allowable admin amount.

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Virtual Binders Glossary

What are administrative cost sharing requirements? (§ 578.59(b))

Not a UFA: Recipients who are not UFAs must share at least 50 percent of project administrative funds with their subrecipients. HUD does not mandate how the funds are distributed. Recipients may share all the funds with one subrecipient, or share them among multiple subrecipients.

UFA: Recipients who are UFAs that carrying out the project may allocate up to 10 percent of the grant amount awarded on project administration. The UFA must then share the remaining project administrative funds with its subrecipients.


Review the NOFA that corresponds to your grant agreement.