Project Administration

This section covers the Project Administration cost category—its limitations and associated eligible activities. It also covers common ineligible uses of these funds under the CoC Program Interim Rule.

What are the eligible Project Administration costs? (§ 578.59(a))

Under the Project Administration program component, CoC recipients and subrecipients may use these funds to support:

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  1. General management, oversight, and coordination (§ 578.59(a)(1))

  2. Training on CoC requirements and attending HUD-sponsored CoC trainings (§ 578.59(a)(2))

    Note: Recipients no longer need permission from HUD to spend CoC Program funds on conference attendance if the conferences includes a HUD or TA speaker assigned by HUD.

  3. Carrying out environmental reviews (§ 578.59(a)(3))

    Note: An environmental review must be conducted for all projects prior to CoC program funds being committed.