Renewal, Coordinated Entry, and Match

Can planning grants be renewed?

No, planning grants cannot be renewed. A CoC must submit an application for renewal funding if it chooses to do so.

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FAQ: Can a CoC reduce or eliminate funds from a CoC planning grant awarded in a previous CoC Program Competition that has not yet been executed as part of the reallocation process to create a new permanent supportive housing or rapid re-housing project?

Can CoC planning grants support the implementation of Coordinated Entry System?

Yes, CoC planning grants may be used to plan the development of a Coordinated Entry System, as part of developing a Continuum of Care system. However, implementing a Coordinated Entry System is not a planning grant activity, but may be funded by an SSO Coordinated Entry grant.

Do planning grants require a match?

Planning grants require 25 percent match. Planning grants are not eligible for renewal and must be applied for each year. As such, they are not included in the GIW and are not included in the ARD. See the Match Binder for more information.