Eligible Activities and Recipients

What are eligible activities that a CoC can expend planning grant funds on?

  • Developing a community-wide process involving the coordination of various providers to develop strategies for ending homelessness and identifying resources that are available to meet that goal
  • Determining the geographic area that the CoC will serve including evaluating the merits of merging with other CoCs
  • Developing a CoC system
  • Evaluating the outcomes of CoC and ESG projects within the CoC
  • Participating in the consolidated plan(s) within the CoC’s boundaries
  • Preparing and submitting an application to HUD on behalf of the CoC, including conducting a Point-in-Time count and other data collection as required by HUD
  • Monitoring and improving the quality and performance of recipients and subrecipient projects and enforcing compliance with program requirements

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Who can receive a CoC planning grant?

CoC planning grants can only be awarded to the CoC’s Collaborative Applicant or Unified Funding Agency.

FAQ: What is a Collaborative Applicant?

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