Watch this 15-minute introductory video on leasing if you are new to the CoC Program and leasing.

Review the slides from this video.

Which program components allow Leasing costs? (§ 578.49(a))

Leasing costs are eligible under the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Transitional Housing (TH), and Supportive Services Only (SSO) components.

Recipients and subrecipients may choose to use CoC Program funds to lease a structure or a portion of a structure that will be used for PSH, TH, or SSO projects. Leasing funds may also be used to lease individual housing units for TH or PSH.

Leasing funds can pay for the following activities:

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Virtual Binders Glossary

  • Rent for the unit or structure (§ 578.49(b)(1))
  • Security deposits for up to 2 months (§ 578.49(b)(4))
  • First and last month’s rent (up to one month each, allowed as an advanced payment) (§ 578.49(b)(4))
  • Staff or related costs to carry out leasing activities including conducting Housing Quality Standards (HQS), paying landlords, etc.
  • Payments on unoccupied units while identifying a new program participant

What entity/party enters into the lease?

The lease for the unit or structure is between the recipient or subrecipient and the property owner. The recipient or subrecipient enters into a sublease or occupancy agreement with the program participant. For more information, visit the CoC Leasing and Rental Assistance Requirements Binder.