Allocating Indirect Costs

How do I allocate indirect costs in my budget?

Indirect costs are typically accumulated in the ‘Management and General’ (M&G) cost pool. As most HUD grantees and subrecipients are either government or nonprofit organizations, there are a few methods for allocating indirect costs that are acceptable under OMB regulations:

  • Direct Allocation Method
  • Simplified Allocation Method
  • Multiple Rate Allocation Method
  • Special Indirect Rate
  • Federally-Approved Indirect Cost Rate by Cognizant Agency

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View the Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit for more information.

Example of Calculating the Budget Line Items total in a CoC Program Budget:

Eligible Cost Category

Direct Cost Allocation

Approved Indirect Cost Allocation of 29.44%
(b) times .2944 = (c)

Budget Line Item Total
(b) + (c)

Rental Assistance




Supportive Services








Project Administration




Grant Total




For additional information on allocating costs and financial management, see the Multifamily Housing Program Financial Management Toolkit and the Financial Management Curriculum.