HMIS Program Component Grant Eligible Costs

What are eligible HMIS costs under an HMIS program component grant?

The HMIS Lead Agency, as designated by the CoC, may apply for projects under the HMIS program component, which can include budget line items for HMIS and Project Administration. In addition to the eligible costs listed in the previous section, HMIS Leads under the HMIS program component may use funds for other eligible costs related to establishing, operating, customizing, and otherwise administering an HMIS. These additional eligible costs are only available to HMIS Leads. Under the HMIS program component, HMIS Lead entities can apply for funds to support:

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  • Leasing/operating a structure in which the HMIS operates
  • Establishing, operating, and customizing a CoC’s HMIS, including:

Only HMIS Lead Agencies may apply for CoC funds under the HMIS Program Component. The eligible costs under the HMIS Program Component differs slightly from other Program Components.

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