Rental Assistance

Watch this 18-minute video for a comprehensive overview of rental assistance. This video is intended for staff new to the CoC Program and/or whom are administering rental assistance.

Please note that an important program change has been made since this video was published: Nonprofit organizations now have permanent authority to administer rental assistance awarded through the CoC Program for PH only. TH projects are still required to have a state, local, government, or Public Housing Authority (PHA) administer the rental assistance.

Review the slides from this video.

What program components allow rental assistance costs? (§ 578.51)

CoC rental assistance funds can be used in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Rapid Re-housing (RRH), or Transitional Housing (TH) to pay a portion of the rent. The length of time rental assistance can be provided varies depending on program component:

  • Short-term (up to 3 mos.) or medium-term (4-24 mos.) – RRH, TH
  • Long-term (more than 24 mos.) – PSH

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