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HOME Rental Housing

HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds may be used for the acquisition, new construction, or rehabilitation of affordable rental housing. HOME-assisted rental units must be occupied by income eligible tenants, and carry rent and occupancy restrictions for varying lengths of time depending upon the amount of HOME funds invested per unit. Included in this topic area is information about program design issues, subsidy layering, lease terms, calculating rents, using HOME with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, and managing for ongoing compliance.

For more information on Rental Housing, see 24 CFR 92.252.

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Policy Guidance



HOMEfires Vol. 3, No. 10: Considering Enhanced Section 8 Vouchers as Project-based Rental Assistance or Tenant-Based Rental Assistance for Determining the Rent Applicable to a HOME Unit

For the purpose of determining the rent applicable to a HOME unit, are enhanced Section 8 vouchers, sometimes referred to as "sticky" vouchers, considered project-based rental assistance or tenant-based rental assistance?

Date Published: November 2001

HOMEfires Vol. 3, No. 2: Frequency and Number of Units Required for On-Site Inspections of HOME-Assisted Rental Housing

The HOME Final Rule states that each Participating Jurisdiction must perform on-site inspections of HOME-assisted rental housing. How frequently should these inspections be performed? How should each PJ determine the number of units that must be inspected?

Date Published: February 2001

HOMEfires Vol. 1 No. 6: Setting up an Activity and Committing Funds in IDIS under HOME to Purchase, Rehabilitate, and Rent Homes at Different Locations

How should I set up an activity and commit funds in IDIS under HOME to purchase, rehabilitate, and rent out homes at different locations? Is there a way to set up and fund this activity without knowing the addresses of the properties? Can one activity have more than one property address? Would the same process work for a first-time homebuyer program which provided HOME assistance at different locations?

Date Published: February 1998

HOME CPD Notices

Notice CPD-03-08: Using HOME Funds in Addressing the Challenges of Homelessness

This Notice provides guidance to Field Offices and PJs in the use of HOME Program funds to assist individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Date Published: July 2003

Notice CPD-98-02: Allocating Costs and Identifying HOME-assisted Units in Multi-Unit Projects (Supersedes CPD Notice 94-12)

This Notice provides guidance to participating jurisdictions (PJs) who will use HOME funds, in combination with other funds, to develop multi-unit rental and homeownership projects.

Date Published: March 1998

Notice CPD-94-20: Rent Exceptions for HOME-Assisted Rental Projects

This Notice describes how HOME Rent Exceptions can be used, discusses the criteria for issuing rent exceptions, presents the steps participating jurisdictions (PJs) must follow in applying for a rent exception, and outlines the procedures HUD Field Offices will use in reviewing these application's and approving rent exceptions.

Date Published: July 1994

Notice CPD-94-01: Using HOME Funds for SRO and Group Housing (Supersedes CPD Notice 92-31)

This Notice provides guidance on using HOME funds for Single Room Occupancy (SRO) and Group Housing projects.

Date Published: January 1994

Other Policy Guidance

Notice PIH 96-63: Determining Section 8 Rents For Units in HOME-assisted Projects

This Notice informs public housing agencies and Indian housing authorities that units in HOME-assisted projects are considered eligible housing for families receiving Section 8 tenant-based assistance.

Date Published: August 1996

Guidebooks and Training Manuals


Building HOME: A HOME Program Primer - Training Manual and Slides

This training provides an overview of the HOME Program, including changes made to the regulations in 1996 with the publication of the HOME Final Rule.

Date Published: February 2012

Compliance in HOME Rental Projects: A Guide for PJs 

This guide provides advice to PJs on how to nurture compliant HOME projects.

Date Published: May 2012

Compliance in HOME Rental Projects: A Guide for Property Owners 

This guide helps owners of HOME-assisted properties comply with the HOME Program’s ongoing affordability requirements.

Date Published: May 2012

Building ENERGY STAR New Homes and Incorporating Energy Efficiency and Green Building Practices into HOME-Funded Affordable Housing

This guidebook provides information on creating ENERGY STAR-qualified affordable housing.

Date Published: September 2009



CPD Income Eligibility Calculator

The CPD Income Eligibility Calculator is a tool to help CPD grantees determine income eligibility and assistance amounts for beneficiaries of most CPD programs.

Date Published: March 2013

Templates and Forms


HOME Affirmative Marketing, Tenant Selection, and Lease Compliance Checklist

This checklist is used to document compliance with HOME requirements related to affirmative marketing, tenant selection, and lease compliance.

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection Form

This is a checklist that can be used to ensure that a property meets HUD's Housing Quality Standards.

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Rent Determination Chart 1 - Low and High HOME Rents

This form is completed by the PJ and given to the owner/manager of HOME-assisted rental housing in order to inform them of the current fair market rents with 50% and 65% rent limits as provided by HUD. 

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Rent Determination Chart 2 - Utility Allowance

This form is used to determine the allowance for tenant-furnished utilities and other services.

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Rent Determination Chart 3 - Actual Maximum Rent Computation

This form is completed by the PJ and given to the owner/manager of HOME-assisted rental housing as a tool to calculate the actual maximum rent. 

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Rental Housing Income Limits Form for a PJ to Provide to Owner/Manager

This form is completed by the PJ and given to the owner/manager in order to provide information about the income level per household size that is eligible for the HOME program. 

Date Published: June 2010

HOME Rental Project Compliance Report

This form is completed by the PJ and kept in the project file to ensure that the project has met all the compliance requirements for the HOME Program. 

Date Published: June 2010

Compliance Resources


Managing Rental Unit Mix Under HOME Chart

This chart provides HOME requirements for rental housing units when a tenant's income increases. The chart describes the rent to charge and what actions an owner, manager, or other administrator of a rental project must take to ensure compliance. 

Date Published: October 2009



HOME PJs Vacant Unit Reports

The purpose of the HOME PJs Vacant Units Reports is to help HOME participating jurisdictions (PJs) identify units in HOME projects that are marked "vacant" in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).

Date Published: December 2013



View HOME Investment Partnerships Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the HOME FAQs landing page. 

In addition, these documents contain HOME FAQs organized by topic.

Date Published: December 2015