HOME Policy Memos

HOME memos provide guidance on a specific subject.


CPD Memo: System and Regulatory Changes to Eliminate First-In-First-Out Accounting in IDIS

The memo describes pending system and regulatory changes in IDIS that will significantly impact the administration of the CDBG, HOME, ESG, and HOPWA block grant programs. HUD OIG and OMB have determined that the First-In-First Out accounting methodology used by IDIS does not comply with federal financial standards. In addition, the Government Accountability Office is requiring a change to the way that HOME commitments are calculated.

Date Published: May 2014

CPD Memo: Summary of Significant Changes Contained in HUD Notice CPD 13-002: Procedures for Designation of Consortia as a Participating Jurisdiction for the HOME Program

On April 9, 2013, the Office of Affordable Housing Programs (OAHP) issued HUD Notice CPD 13-002: Procedures for Designation of Consortia as a Participating Jurisdiction/or the HOME Program, superseding HUD Notice CPD 08-01. In anticipation of receiving qualification documents from proposed new consortia and re-qualification documents from existing renewing consortia for fiscal year (FY) 2015 HOME participation, the purpose of this memorandum is to highlight the most significant changes between the two notices.

Date Published: March 2014


CPD Memo: Repayment of HOME Funds Used for Ineligible Activities or Ineligible Costs and Return of HOME Funds to the Treasury Account

This memo is intended to provide guidance regarding repayment of HOME funds expended for ineligible costs or activities and returning HOME funds drawn down in advance of or in excess of need.

Date Published: April 2011


CPD Memo: Joint CPD and FHA Memorandum on Cross-selling FHA programs

This memo discusses that FHA regulations would not prohibit HOME downpayment assistance in conjunctions with FHA-insured financing under such a scenario.

Date Published: September 2006