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HUD offers different types of assistance through the Community Compass Technical Assistance program, including answers to policy questions and in-depth program assistance for grantees.

Find Homelessness, Housing, or Rental Assistance

Find Program Guidance and Training

Find Guidance about HUD Policies and Programs

Ask a HUD Reporting System Question (e.g., e-snaps, IDIS, DRGR)

Request support from professionals on the following using Ask A Question:

  • System errors and troubleshooting, password resets, user accounts
  • Drawdowns, activity setup and update, submitting APRs and QPRs
  • Grant agreements, project applications, applicant profiles

Ask a Basic Policy Question on a HUD Program

Get answers to the following types of questions using Ask A Question:

  • Eligible activities, costs, and participants
  • Income determination, rent limits, property standards, program income
  • Requirements, such as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing or Environmental Review

Request In-Depth Program Assistance

What is In-Depth Program Assistance?

If you are a HUD grantee or recipient of HUD funding, such as a state or local government, public housing authority, tribe or tribally-designated entity, HMIS organization, or Continuum of Care, you are eligible to request assistance with the following:

  • In-depth assistance with implementing, operating, or administering a HUD-funded program
  • Issues that may require site visits and reoccurring communication with consultants
  • Long-term assistance to build organizational skills and capacity for operating HUD programs

In-depth program assistance involves coordination with HUD Headquarters and Field Office staff and HUD's consultants over a period of weeks or months. It may be one-on-one assistance or assistance delivered to a cohort of grantees.


Who isn’t Eligible to Receive In-Depth Program Assistance?

  • Organizations who are not receiving HUD program funds or participating in a HUD-funded program or initiative.
  • Subrecipient organizations or project sponsors. You will need to contact the grantor or pass-through organization that receives HUD funds to submit a request for assistance.
  • Individuals looking for homelessness, housing or rental assistance. Go to the Resources for Homeless Persons page for hotlines and service locators that help you find a range of local services, including housing, food, health, and safety.

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