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HUD offers different types of assistance through the Community Compass Technical Assistance program, including: answers to policy, program, and system questions; in-depth advice on technical issues; and housing assistance resources. Submit your request for assistance via HUD Exchange.


Do you have a policy question or need assistance with a reporting system?

HUD grantees that need HUD policy guidance or troubleshooting assistance with reporting systems can ask their questions here.

HUD and TA Providers provide answers to basic policy questions, assist grantees with system troubleshooting, and direct grantees to the most relevant online resources, such as trainings and guidebooks.

Questions are generally answered within two business days. However, some questions must be referred to HUD subject matter experts and/or attorneys and take longer to address.

Do you need in-depth advice on implementing a program?

Grantees that need in-depth advice and assistance with implementing, operating, or administrating a HUD-funded program can ask for help here.

Based on the information provided, HUD will determine the type and level of assistance available to you.

This type of assistance is more involved than basic policy or reporting system questions. It involves recurrent communication with TA providers, possible site visits, and/or longer-term assistance that enables your organization to build skills, knowledge, and capacity for operating HUD programs.