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What is a DedicatedPlus project?

Date Published: August 2017

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A DedicatedPLUS project is a permanent supportive housing (PH-PSH) project where the entire project will serve individuals and families that meet one of the following criteria at project entry:

  1. Experiencing chronic homelessness as defined in 24 CFR 578.3;
  2. Residing in a transitional housing project that will be eliminated and meets the definition of chronically homeless in effect at the time in which the individual or family entered the transitional housing project;
  3. Residing in a place not meant for human habitation, emergency shelter, or safe haven; but the individuals or families experiencing chronic homelessness as defined at 24 CFR 578.3 had been admitted and enrolled in a permanent housing project within the last year and were unable to maintain a housing placement;
  4. Residing in transitional housing funded by a Joint transitional housing (TH) and rapid re-housing (PH-RRH) component project and who were experiencing chronic homelessness as defined at 24 CFR 578.3 prior to entering the project;
  5. Residing and has resided in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or emergency shelter for at least 12 months in the last three years, but has not done so on four separate occasions; or
  6. Receiving assistance through a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-funded homeless assistance program and met one of the above criteria at initial intake to the VA's homeless assistance system.

Project applicants applying for new PSH projects must select either “DedicatedPLUS” or “100% Dedicated” on Screen 3B to indicate whether they will serve persons meeting the criteria outline above or where 100 percent of the beds are dedicated to chronic homelessness as defined in 24 CFR 578.3. Project applicants applying for renewal PSH projects must make a similar selection on Screen 3C, and will have an additional option, “N/A,” for projects where less than 100 percent of the beds were dedicated or prioritized to chronic homelessness in the previous grant term, and the applicant does not wish to commit to dedicating 100 percent of their beds or meeting the criteria for DedicatedPLUS for the FY 2017 grant term. For more information see Section III.A.3.d. of the FY 2017 CoC Program Competition NOFA.

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