Whose responsibility is it to designate the HMIS and HMIS Lead Agency?

Date Published: December 2013

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The CoC is responsible for designating the HMIS and the HMIS Lead Agency for the geographic area that the CoC covers. HUD encourages CoCs and ESG recipients to work together with the HMIS Lead to coordinate HMIS policies and procedures and ensure the HMIS meets the needs of their respective programs; however, only CoCs have the authority to designate the HMIS and the HMIS Lead Agency. 

ESG recipients and subrecipients must use the HMIS in the CoC in which the ESG activities are located. The ESG Interim Rule does not permit an ESG recipient to mandate the use of an alternative HMIS than the one already designated by the CoC.


Tags: ESG Program Requirements - HMIS Participation for ESG grantees