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I am trying to complete an APR for two grants that have consolidated. How do I know which grant number and name to use in e-snaps, and what are my reporting requirements?

Date Published: August 2011

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When two or more grants consolidate, the grant with the operating year end date that will end first during the calendar year becomes the new operating year end date for both grants. Normally the consolidated grant operating year starts with the earliest start date of the grants being merged. It is permissible to move all grants to a later date, but this requires the grantee to fund the project with the earlier start date from their own pocket.

The now consolidated grant was given one new name and grant number from the Field Office (normally in the award letter). The APR must be completed for the total data for clients served under both grants, for the operating year identified in their award letter for the consolidated grant.

If you did not receive such a letter, or are still unsure of how best to proceed, please contact your local HUD Field Office, as they should be more familiar with the specifics of your situation.

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