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We are in the last year of a 5 year grant. We have calculated our match and we meet the match for the 5-year period, but we spent less this year than in the past four years, and so it looks like we have not met the match this year. How should we report on match this year?

Date Published: August 2011

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For former Shelter Plus Care grants, on form Q31 (Expenditures and Value of Services), grantees are asked if they are completing the initial term of the grant. If so, they can indicate the total match for the grant. This gives grantees an opportunity to show that htey have met their match obligation for the grant. However, the chart containing the values of services must still be reported based on the operating year for the APR that is being submitted. If you are concerned about how your field office will view the data entered on match, then you can enter additional information in question 42, “Additional Comments”, to explain why the percentage or amount of match may not appear to be as high as required for your five year grant.

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