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How do I report a fixed number of beds or units if I don't have such a number?

Date Published: December 2010

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In Q5 “Proposed Bed and Unit Inventory," the proposed bed and units should match the information you submitted in the grant application (or amendment).

In Q5 “Actual Bed and Unit Inventory”, projects should report the number of beds/units that are reliably available for occupancy starting on or before the last day of the project’s operating year. Projects that have units but no fixed number of beds (e.g. apartment units) should estimate the number of beds in “Actual Bed and Unit Inventory”. Projects that do not have a fixed number of units may record either the number of facilities operated (e.g. 1 unit = 1 facility) or may use the number of bedrooms (e.g. 5 units = 5 bedrooms) as is appropriate for the type of facility.

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