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In question 5, how do I report beds that are not designated exclusively for one type of household?

Date Published: November 2010

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The information provided in question 5 for the Actual Bed and Unit Inventory is the number of beds/units reliably ready for occupancy starting on or before the last day of the project's operating year. 

  • If some or all of the beds are not designated exclusively for one type of household then report beds in each type based on the average use of those beds. (Be sure your total beds/units = your actual total – if not adjust your averages.)
  • Projects that only have units (no fixed number of beds – e.g. apartment units) should estimate the number of beds.

For example, if a program has 100 beds that could be used by either households with children or households without children, and if on an average night one-half of the households in the program are without children, then record 50 beds for households without children and 50 for households with children. Total beds/units must equal your actual total.

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