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I have two clients – a father and a daughter who is under 18 – who enrolled in a program, and subsequently the father exited the program. How do I report their household?

Date Published: November 2010

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For all questions on the APR that request information on persons by household type, grantees should report each person in the household configuration of his/her last program stay within the operating year.

In the example provided here, both persons would be reported in the 'Households with at least one Adult and one Child' column. Although the daughter ended her stay by herself, she was served with an adult during at least part of her stay. The daughter would only be reported in the 'Households with only Children' Column if she was served alone during her entire last stay. It is important for HMIS vendors to review the Programming Specifications for the APR to receive specific guidance on the household methodology for the APR.

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