What is the distinction between Section 3 requirements and Vicinity Hiring Preference requirements for NSP?

Date Published: October 2012

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The purposes of Section 3 and the Vicinity Hiring Preference are similar. The purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that, to the greatest extent feasible, new employment and contracting opportunities that are generated by the use of HUD funds (including NSP) are used to hire/contract with low income residents of the project area and businesses that are owned by or that hire low-income residents (Section 3 business concerns). The purpose of Vicinity Hiring Preference is to hire local employees or contract with small businesses in the target area of the NSP project. Vicinity hiring applies only to NSP3 projects. For implementation purposes, Section 3 has a number of specific requirements, many of which are compatible with Vicinity Hiring Preference. For more a more detailed explanation, see Understanding the Basics of Section 3 and Vicinity Hiring Preferences for the NSP Program.

Tags: NSP Economic Opportunities under Section 3

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