Is the development of public facilities and improvements an eligible use of NSP funds?

Date Published: October 2012

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The development of public facilities and improvements is only eligible under NSP1 for Eligible Use E - Redevelopment. Public facilities are not eligible under NSP2 and NSP3. Public improvements are not eligible under NSP2 and NSP3 unless they directly serve a housing redevelopment.  

Public facilities generally include buildings that are either publicly owned or that are traditionally provided by the government, or owned by a nonprofit, and operated so as to be open to the general public. Examples of public facilities include: homeless shelters; transitional housing; shelters for at risk youth; counseling centers; and student housing.  

Examples of public improvements include transportation infrastructure; water and sewer lines; sidewalks and streets; curbs and gutters; parking lots; utility lines; and aesthetic amenities on public property such as trees, sculptures, pools of water and fountains, and other works of art.    

For the CDBG rule concerning public facilities and improvements, refer to 24 CFR 570.201(c).

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