What are the definitions of developer and subrecipient under NSP?

Date Published: October 2012

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A subrecipient is a nonprofit, public agency or a for-profit entity authorized under 570.201(o) that assists a grantee or another subrecipient to administer all or a portion of its NSP program. This also includes any land bank receiving NSP funds from a grantee or another subrecipient.    

A developer is a for-profit or private nonprofit individual or entity that the grantee provides NSP assistance to for the purpose of (1) acquiring homes and residential properties to rehabilitate for use or resale for residential purposes and (2) constructing new housing in connection with the redevelopment of demolished or vacant properties. Developers are program beneficiaries and thus distinct from subrecipients, grantee employees, and contractors. Developers may receive NSP funds from either the grantee or a subrecipient. It should be noted that Public Housing Authorities are public agencies and therefore are unable to be a developer.

Further information and definitions of a developer and subrecipient under NSP are available in the NSP Policy Alert: Guidance on Developers, Subrecipients, and Contractors - Implications of Using Different Entity Types to Carry out NSP-funded Activities.

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