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For the Housing Stability Measure, what does HUD mean by “Permanent Housing Destination"? Does this include death?

Date Published: May 2012

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In question 36, “permanent destinations” include all of the following:

1. Owned by client, no ongoing housing subsidy 

2. Owned by client, with ongoing housing subsidy 

3. Rental by client, no ongoing housing subsidy 

4. Rental by client, VASH Subsidy 

5. Rental by client, other (Non-VASH) ongoing housing subsidy 

6. Permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless persons (such as SHP, S+C, or SRO Mod Rehab) 

7. Staying or living with family, permanent tenure 

8. Staying or living with friends, permanent tenure 

This does not include death. For more detailed guidance on how HUD defines each of these types of destinations, please refer to pages 84-85 of the March 2010 HMIS Data Standards.

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