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My HMIS hasn’t programmed in the performance measurement questions, Q36 or Q37, yet. How do I answer them?

Date Published: May 2012

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The questions on Q36 are mandatory for all Permanent Housing, Transitional Housing, Street Outreach, Supportive Services Only (with a housing goal), and Safe Haven programs that were funded in the 2010 competition (and those in the years that follow). If you don’t have the data to answer them, enter zeroes in the table and add an explanation in the narrative section at the bottom of Q36. The measures related to Q37 are not required to have been programmed into your HMIS though, since the measures are program specific and are intentionally not consistently defined for all grantees. For the questions on Q37 you must still enter a description of how you calculated your performance in the narrative section of the question.

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