How do requirements for lead-based paint inspections apply for STRMU?

Date Published: May 2006

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A lead-based paint inspection is not required in all cases of STRMU assistance. Housing built before 1978 that is assisted with HOPWA dollars, where a pregnant woman or a child under six years resides or is expected to reside, generally must have potential lead exposures evaluated and controlled; how these are done depends on the type of assistance. Zero-bedroom units are exempt from the Lead Safe Housing Rule. HOPWA clients are considered disabled, and housing exclusively for the disabled is exempt from the Rule; however, if there are family members who are pregnant or are children under the age of six, then the lead-based requirements apply. Short-term rental, mortgage, and utility programs lasting over 100 consecutive days are considered to be support, leasing, or operation services in the Rule's terminology. For these programs, a visual assessment must be done. Then, deteriorated paint identified by the visual assessment, must be repaired (as is the building component underneath the surface finish, if it is defective) using lead-safe work practices. Finally the affected area, unless it is very small, must be tested and "cleared" to allow safe occupancy. The person doing the visual assessment must pass the one-hour HUD online course.

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